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What is Website Monetization?

Why is website monetization important?

Increases revenue. A decision to implement websitemonetization is crucial because it allows more opportunities for earning.Depending on how much traffic a website has, website monetization can be apart-time job, or something more significant.

Gives a chance for passive income. There are differentoptions for website monetization, which requires setting it up once, such asdisplay advertising and web push ads. After setting this up, the traffic on awebsite will result in revenue.

Allows earning from the blog. Bloggers can monetize, too.They often focus on monetization methods like donations and affiliatemarketing, but they are not limited to that.

It gives you options. You can monetize a website or blog indifferent ways. Choosing adequate types of website monetization for yoursituation is essential. For instance, if you are a vegetarian blogger, it’s agood idea to advertise vegetarian shops and restaurants. If you’re a speechcoach, it’s appropriate to suggest microphones and clothes for sounding andlooking ideally in public.

Types and Examples of Website Monetization

Display advertising

Selling ad space to monetize your website means that you have to find companies, ideally within a relevant niche, and provide them with space on your site where they will display their ads. The relevancy of display advertising is based on data about previously visited websites and search queries. The advertisements below are relevant to a person who writes articles on marketing topics, for example.

Web push ads

Web push notifications open the other way to monetize a website. If the users allow a site to send web push notifications, they will receive announcements, integrated into this website notification, from other companies. The algorithm shows relevant advertisements only.

Google Adsense

It’s a service for selling ad space. Google Adsense liberates a website owner from searching for relevant advertisers and takes fees for such service.

Membership site

It means that a website offers exclusive content, which only members can view. A membership site monetization requires payments that allow users to get access to additional and more valuable materials.

Affiliate marketing

This type of monetization means selling other company’s products or services on your website. A website owner finds a product attractive to the audience and promotes it on the site and via email campaigns. The revenue depends on the commission both sides have agreed upon.

Sponsored content

A website or blog can add content from other relevant webpages. This information should be interesting for the audience and be added only to the point. Otherwise, Google can punish the website.


If a website provides users with valuable content or solves their problems for free — a website owner can ask the audience to make donations. The revenue depends on the number of people using the website daily and how strong they want to contribute.

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